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Dog Christmas Pictures


Hello everyone! So since I don’t have kids and I really LOVE Christmas I wanted to do a Christmas photo shoot with my dog! HAHA! I think these turned out great and Peanut was such a trooper while I made him pose for these pictures. I took these just a spur of the moment type deal. I was messing with my camera and thought why not do the pictures right now! So these are the results:15252482_1165810973456038_3339446177238461625_o

I took some red and green ornaments I bought from the Dollar Tree and placed them around Peanut randomly. I wanted them to look a bit messy like he had gotten into them. This photo is actually my favorite out of all of them.


I caught this little beauty while I was trying to get the lights the way I wanted them to lay around him. I thought the way he is sniffing the lights was just adorable. These lights are from Wal-Mart.


The last photo I took from the little photo shoot. I just love the way Peanut looks in the photo. He is more photogenic than me! HAHA! At this point he was so tired of me taking pictures and trying to pose him. I love all the photos that I took and I will treasure these for years to come. Is that weird? Oh well, you can’t do Christmas without a Christmas photo shoot!

I hope you enjoyed me sharing these photos of my dog, Peanut, whom I’ve had for 9 years! He was a trooper while I was taking them. If you happen to take any pictures of your furbabies please post them I would love to see! Anyways, until next time! xx



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