Crispy Green Crispy Fruit

Hello everyone! Last week I reviewed Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist and if you haven’t already go check that out! I received products to test in an Influenster voxbox and thought I would review them for you. This week I’m going to review Crispy Green Crispy Fruit.


The fruit I recieved was Pineapple. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pineapple so I was super excited to see pineapple flavor in my voxbox! The thought of freeze drying fruit sorta threw me off guard because I was worried about the flavor. I have to admit these weren’t that bad at all! They were sweet and crisp and nothing that I pictured they would be. After eating the whole bag they left a weird taste in my mouth that I didn’t like at all. Other than the after taste I recommend these for a quick snack between classes or at work. They come in 7 flavors so let me know which ones you give a try! I’ll link the site below and until next time! xx

Next week: Orabrush A DenTek Brand Tongue Cleaner

Where to find Crispy Green Crispy Fruit:

I received this product complimentary for my honest review. All opinions are my own.



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