New Job!

Hi guys so it has been a very crazy week! I know I try to do reviews every week and have them out on Wednesdays and I failed to do so this past Wednesday with the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner, but I have a good excuse.



I have been a substitute teacher for this school year and have absolutely been loving it! So when I seen that there was a teacher position open at a preschool I decided to apply for it and prayed that I would get an interview for it. I fortunately got a interview for this position and I did not expect it at all and I will tell you why. I was told that the lady would get in contact with me by March 3rd which I did not hear from her at all that day and I was beginning to think that they just didn’t want me. Well the March 4th I received a letter in the mail from the school and I said “okay so this is my rejection letter telling me that I didn’t get the job.” I was so wrong it was actually an invite to interview for the position! So I went to my interview on Thursday the 9th and it went so well that they offered me the position before I even left the school!


I have been praying for a position like this for a very very long time and I am so blessed to finally be in a position where I can follow my dreams! Now, I know that does not excuse not being able to post on Wednesday but it has been a very stressful week with just being anxious about the interview and I just needed the time to myself and I hope you guys understand, but I am so excited for this new opportunity and I can’t wait to blog about my experiences as a preschool teacher! I will start this new journey in the fall of this year! So stay tuned in to my blog coming soon with the adventures of a preschool teacher and I will see you on the next post!Until next time until next time! xx





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