Hello everyone!! It has been FOREVER since I sat down to write! I last left you with a review whilst I went on vacation in Jamaica and if you haven’t already go check that out!

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Jamaica was BEAUTIFUL!! We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe which was a nice resort with a few problems but nothing major. The beach was breathtaking. I spent most of my time sitting in a chair on the beach..wish I had a good book to read while the waves were crashing againist the shore!


Early morning was the best time to get out and onto the beach since everyone was still sleeping! We basically had the beach to ourselves until lunchtime and that was a dream! We enjoyed a night watching the culture dances at a place called The Village, which was located on the resort’s property.


The people in Jamaica were so friendly! We didn’t have a problem at all with rude staff or with anyone for that matter. I highly recommend going to Jamaica at least once in your life! I will be going again for another go around! I might try to stay at the other side of the island to see how different it is!

Well, that’s all for now I hope you enjoyed this last blog post! I will be back to regular time starting this coming week!! Let me know if Jamaica is a place you would love to go or where your dream vacation would be! Hopefully my next vacation will be to go to London, UK!!

Until next time!!



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