First Week!

Hello everyone! How is everything in your life going? Everything has been fast paced in my life right now! It was nice to be on vacation for a week and now things have picked back up and in full force!


I started my new job and love it! If you don’t know I started a new job as a Preschool Teacher! It is everything I have been praying for! Now, we only have about 6 weeks left before summer (just in time to learn everyone’s name) but I am cherishing these last 6 weeks. By the time the new school year starts I will be a pro with the procedures that we have to follow! My classroom is WAY bigger than I thought it would be so that means I am going to do some shoppping and go on pinterest for decorating ideas!


I thank God every day for this wonderful opportunity that he has placed in my life! He has blessed me once again and I couldn’t be more grateful than right now. I would post pictures on the way the classroom is set up but for right now I am going to wait until the new school years starts!

Next weeks post will be about my trip to Gatlinburg (yes, another trip) and how we enjoyed Rod Run!

Last week’s post:

Until next time!! xx



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