Planning a Trip

Hello everyone! So I have wanted to go to Hawaii for the LONGEST time! I would love to go hopefully next summer so I thought I would start planning now. Yes, planning now. I am a very organized person so I like to have every little detail in place.  I figured I would plan with you guys! I want to take you along as I plan everything!



I would love to either go with my cousin who will graduate next year or my best friend or maybe even both! I think the best thing to do is to stay in an airbnb. I know this will be cheaper than staying in a hotel for 7 days. Hotels can get very expensive when you stay a long time.

I would also like to rent a jeep. I know that will be a big cost but I have no problem in paying for something that I would love. The flights will also be a big cost. I am not really worried about the cost of anything right now until I have it all written out.

What do you usually start with? I hear that waiting until so many weeks is the best time to get flights. So, what is your opinion on planning trips? I think this will be a fun trip and a much needed trip as well. I am thinking I won’t take any big or small trips (I would love too) this summer or the rest of the year for that matter. I have to SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Anyways, I would love some advice! Do you have any experience in Hawaii? What part of the island is your favorite? Please let me know!

Until next time! xx






Don’t be afraid to contact me at any time!


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