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Back to School

Hello! It has been a CRAZY month of school! I only had a few days to get my classroom in order before kids started back and it was hectic! I never realized how much teachers had to do before the start of the year until I got a job as a teacher.


LESSON PLANS, LESSON PLANS, AND MORE LESSON PLANS!!! My school wants lesson plans weeks before we teach something and I feel like I am drowning in them! I have all these ideas but putting it on paper sometimes is difficult! I have had several lesson plans returned because they didn’t see the point of a ‘fun’ science experiment.

I work in a preschool so everything should be fun right? Our program manager is wanting to be more like a public school system meaning more instruction less play. I can see where that would work but you can’t take play out of everything.

What a start to the school year, right? I know that this year will be great once the wheels get off the ground!

Are any of you teachers? If so, how is the year going so far? Let me know!

Until next time! xx



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