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Long Time, No Post

Hiya! How are y'all? It has been nearly a year since I posted and that is crazy! I really enjoyed writing so I don't really know why I stopped. A lot has changed since the last post. I moved jobs and moved homes. I LOVE my new job at my new school! I have put… Continue reading Long Time, No Post


25th Birthday

Hello guys! Oh my, it has been a while!! I am truly sorry for the gap in my posts! I recently moved jobs and it has been very hectic. I went from working in a preschool to working in an elementary school. Very big difference between the two! Anyways, Sunday (the 12th) was my 25th… Continue reading 25th Birthday


Favorite Foundation

Hello friends! I don't know about you but I LOVE makeup! One of my favorite things to test is foundations. I have had my fair share of oompa loompa days. These three foundations are my go-to foundations. I can't live without them! I used to be a 'nothing beats covergirl' kinda girl but I have… Continue reading Favorite Foundation